Charity: Child Rescue Nepal

Formerly The Esther Benjamins Trust, Luib is working to raise funds for Child Rescue Nepal, with whom Andrew Watson (one of the original players of Luib) has been working in close collaboration for a number of years now (including running the 2012 London Marathon for them).

They have also been the featured charity represented by all the sports teams at the Sir James Henderson, British School of Milan for the 2009-10 academic year.

Child Rescue Nepal rescues and cares for trafficked Nepali children who are sold for child labour.
Their mission is to “save them from a life of physical abuse and forced labour, bring them home, provide medical and psychological treatment and try to re-unite them with their families. [They] aim to stamp out the trafficking of children by carrying out anti-trafficking work, such as community education, pursuing the prosecution of traffickers, and improving schools.”